- Our Story -

It all began in 2010 with one family and a dream.


The Nia family ventured into the restaurant business in March of 2010. My father had studied Hospitality Management in Lausanne, Switzerland and was in food and hotel management his entire life.  He used to tell me that one day I should open a restaurant and he would help and guide me thru it.  His dream of our family owned restaurant finally came true.  Food was always a big deal at our house and we loved to all sit at the dinner table together and enjoy good home cooking.  That tradition is still alive in our house today. My wife of 29 years, Karen handles all the financials and book keeping and helps with the front of the house.  My daughter, Natalie, manages the overall operations of the restaurant, and she and her husband David “Buddy” Jones gave us our 2nd granddaughter, Charlotte in 2017.  Our son Michael and his wife, Jordan, oversee our restaurants marketing needs.  In 2013 Michael and Jordan gave our family our first granddaughter, Brooklynn and hopefully this next generation will have the same love of family and food to help carry on the tradition.  I love my family and we all love to share our tradition with you, by serving some of the best Mediterranean and Italian dishes that we enjoyed and grew up with.

* * *